You can now share your visual studio code settings with other users, you will just edit the settings or upload your extensions, it will automatically download in your users computers.

Please make sure you have my extension installed in visual studio code. If you dont have you need to install it and go through the Readme page to check how to use the extension.


To Install : type “ext install code-settings-sync”

They wont be able to change your settings or extenion information so you can share your settings with your friends and teams. Following are the simple steps to do so:

Creating GIST To Share

By default extension creates the secret GIST so only you can see it from your github page. So you need to create the public GIST so anyone can see your GIST contents. By default extension requires Github token to create Gist, if you are not willing to provide your Github token so can set anonymousGist to true from settings to create Anonymous Gist

By command : Sync : Advance Options > Share Settings with Public GIST

It will remove your current Gist and create new public Gist and upload the settings. You can share your settings with other users.

Downloading The Settings From Shared GIST

By command : Sync : Download Settings

Just enter the public Gist, it will automatically download the Gist contents.

Extension dont allow users to edit or change the Gist of other Users.


To Install : type “ext install code-settings-sync”