If the extension is not setup then dont edit this file and read the Read me

Note : Github token is sensitive information for the user that we cannot allow to upload the github token alongwith code settings in Gist, so the only way to insert token is to add while starting the download and upload command process.

    "sync.gist": "",
    "sync.version": 242,
    "sync.lastUpload": "2016-12-27T16:34:19.308Z",
    "sync.autoDownload": false,
    "sync.autoUpload": true,
    "sync.lastDownload": "2016-12-27T15:58:35.760Z",
    "sync.showSummary": true,
    "sync.forceDownload": true,
    "sync.workspaceSync": false,
    "sync.anonymousGist": false

  • gist : Github Gist ID
  • version : Dont Change , its for helping extension to run the migration process from old settings to new settings for the new versions when released.
  • autoDownload : false by default. If you set it to true it will download the settings automatically when code is started.
  • autoUpload : false by default. It will start download process automatically when Visual Studio Loads when set to true , false will not allow extension to auto download the settings upon startup.
  • showSummary : true by default. It will show the summary page when download or upload process completes displaying the files changed and extensions added or removed. Setting false will allow quiet process in the background and only notify via editor statusbar.
  • forceDownload : false by default. If you set it to true it will overwrite the existing settings everytime the download process initiated either manually or on start.
  • workspaceSync : false by default. If you set it to true it will sync the workspaceStorage folder also. Only sync the .json files inside your workspaceStorage folder.
  • anonymousGist : false by default. It you set it to true it will not ask for Github token upon uploading and downloading the Anonymous gist. It will always create Anonymous Gist for uploading as Github doesnt allow Anonymous Gist to update once created.

lastDownload and lastUpload is just to keep record of download and upload status. You can set it to empty to hit manual download process.